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Guides, courses and ebooks to help ecommerce brands learn how to use Shopify and Klaviyo to create a professional and powerful online shop for your small business

"Elle is incredibly knowledgeable and clear about what works and doesn't work on Shopify. It's all a continual process, and there's always so much to learn, but she is able to meet you at your level and give you advice you need to get to the next stage. I came away with a list of things to do and loads of ideas of how to improve my site."
— Sarah
"I worked with Elle on improving my site. She is super knowledgeable and her guidance was very helpful. Our sessions were hands-on where she demonstrated how some of the suggestions could be implemented - this was really valuable. Elle is easy to work with - I would definitely recommend :)"
— Komal
"Just had a power hour with Elle to support me with the transition of a new theme for my Shopify website and upgrade to 2.0. Elle had some fantastic recommendations that will be easy for me to implement and make a huge impact on my site. Can’t wait to get cracking!"
— Kerry
"Working with Elle has been such a pleasure. Elle is very knowledgeable on both Klaviyo and Shopify and shares this knowledge in a patient, uncomplicated way. I'm looking forward to put everything I've learned into practice!"
— Jo
"I'm so glad to have found Elle! I have really enjoyed working together and pleased to say we have more work planned. She is an expert in her field and has helped me enormously planning and executing my website upgrade. I highly recommend working with her."
— Eleanor
“Elle has very professionally and quickly understood my brand, matched it to what consumers are looking for and used her considerable talents and expertise to update and improve the "shop window" of our website considerably."
— Rupert