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Are you a small business owner with an online shop using Shopify and Klaviyo. Introducing The Ecommerce Assistant Community - a unique support group that goes beyond just being a membership. It's an opportunity for you to connect with an ecommerce expert and fellow entrepreneurs who understand the challenges you face.

Here to provide honest advice, answer your burning questions, and help you navigate the world of online retail. Say goodbye to research fatigue and confusion, and say hello to a supportive network that will help you achieve your goals

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A support group for online shops using Shopify + Klaviyo

The Ecommerce Assistant Community is a unique place that provides invaluable support to online shop owners. As a member, you gain access to a thriving community of like-minded business owners who are eager to share their experiences and provide guidance.

What you get when you join

Ask questions 24/7

With 24/7 access to a dedicated Slack channel, you can ask questions and receive personalised advice from me, an experienced ecommerce expert with 13 years of industry knowledge.

Access to resources

You'll have exclusive access to a range of training videos and other valuable resources that will empower you to grow and improve your ecommerce business.

Office hours calls

If you're seeking an extra level of commitment, you can join bi-weekly office hours calls to help you take action and stay accountable on your journey towards online shop success.

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Why join another membership?

Whether you're struggling with

→ Limited time to take action
→ Overwhelmed by choice
→ Dealing with tech headaches

My community will equip you with the specialist knowledge you need to grow and improve your online shop. Say goodbye to research fatigue and confusion, and say hello to a supportive network that will help you achieve your goals.

"Such a relief to have a Shopify expert (almost) on tap. I'm loving this community - full of excellent information and Elle is extremely responsive. If you use Shopify or Klaviyo and you're not here you are missing a trick."
— Melissa
"Elle has made this side of my business feel a lot less scary. Being a part of this community has given me the push and the belief to get a move on with my Shopify store and being with people that feel the same as me has been a great comfort. No question has made me feel silly and every interaction has been supportive."
— Rebecca
"The space you've created is an absolute game changer. The face I know I can slip in and ask a question about Shopify that can normally make me want to lose my noodle. It's the biggest peace of mind. It's an amazing place to be a part of"
— Fi

Your ecommerce guide

I’m Elle, I specialise in all things ecommerce for small businesses. I created The Ecommerce Assistant to help busy brand owners make more sales on their own websites by teaching them how to use Shopify + Klaviyo.

And now I'm launching a community because after working with over 60+ small businesses I know there isn't the help out there that you need. I'm here to provide honest advice, answer your burning questions, and help you navigate the world of online retail.

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