Running a small business can be both exciting and challenging. As a founder, you have big dreams and goals, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to take consistent action and achieve the results you desire. The key to success lies in mastering productivity and finding the right tools and strategies that work for you.

I recently had the pleasure of inviting Alice Benham into my online shop Community to deliver a masterclass on going from overwhelm to action in our marketing. In this blog post, I'll be exploring the practical tips and techniques that Alice shared with us, to help you find your productivity potential and achieve your business goals.

At the beginning of the masterclass, Alice explained to us that the secret to finding consistency, is to stop believing there is a secret. Instead start building trust through conversations with your community and then over time and being consistent you'll start to see the results you're hoping for.

Here's five tips to start you on your journey to consistency:

The power of accountability

One of the most effective tools for boosting productivity is accountability. When someone else knows your goals and holds you accountable, it becomes easier to stay motivated and take action. Consider finding an accountability partner or using project management tools like Asana or Trello to set clear action steps and track progress. Knowing that someone is there to support and check in on your progress can be a powerful motivator.

The five-minute rule

Removing procrastination is a common challenge for many entrepreneurs. The five-minute rule can help you overcome this hurdle. Simply commit to working on a task for just five minutes. Often, once you get started, you'll find that the initial resistance fades away, and you become engrossed in the task. If after five minutes, you still don't feel motivated, you have the option to stop. This technique can help you break through the initial resistance and build momentum to getting things done.

Time blocking for focus and efficiency

Time blocking is a powerful technique that involves dividing your day into focused chunks of time dedicated to specific tasks or activities. By allocating dedicated time slots for different activities, you can eliminate distractions and maintain focus on the task at hand. Experiment with different time increments, such as 25-minute sessions, followed by short breaks, to find a rhythm that works best for you. You can use different Pomodoro apps like this one to time you.

Reward yourself

As humans, we all crave recognition and rewards for our efforts. Creating a system of rewards and celebrating wins can significantly boost motivation and productivity. Consider implementing a tracker or sticker chart to visually track your progress and celebrate each milestone achieved. Remember, even small wins deserve acknowledgment and celebration. By incorporating rewards into your productivity journey, you'll create a positive feedback loop that fuels your motivation to keep taking action.

Outsourcing and delegating

If time constraints are a significant challenge for you, consider seeking help from others. Outsourcing tasks that are not your strengths or that consume too much of your time can free up valuable resources and allow you to focus on your core competencies. Whether it's hiring a virtual assistant, a podcast editor, or a social media manager, delegating tasks to capable professionals can help you maintain consistency and quality in your business operations.

Making the time for action

To ensure consistent action and quality output, it's crucial to make time for three key steps: ideation, planning, and creation.

1. Ideation

Set aside time to gather ideas and inspiration. Allow yourself to explore different sources, such as podcasts, conversations with clients, or online research, to spark creativity and generate fresh ideas for your marketing efforts.

2. Planning

Dedicate focused time to plan your marketing activities. This involves organising your ideas, creating content calendars, and outlining specific action steps. Having a clear plan in place will streamline your marketing efforts and ensure you stay on track.

3. Creation

Allocate dedicated time for content creation. Whether you're writing blog posts, recording podcasts, or designing social media graphics, having designated time slots for creation will help you maintain consistency and produce great content.

Embracing imperfect consistency

Consistency is absolutely key to success, but it's important to remember that perfection is not the goal. Strive for imperfect consistency instead. Understand that taking action consistently, even if it's not always perfect, is more valuable than waiting for the perfect moment or idea. Embrace the process and learn from each action you take. Over time, you'll refine your approach and achieve the results you desire.

To watch and learn from Alice's fantastic masterclass, simply join The Ecommerce Assistant Community here.

July 04, 2024 — Elle Williamson

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