Ecommerce Podcasts

I love talking all about ecommerce, so if there is ever the opportunity to speak on someone's podcast about Shopify or Klaviyo, I'm there. Below you will find a selection of my most recent podcast appearances. If you enjoy listening, let me know or if you have your own podcast and you are looking for guests to speak about Shopify, Klaviyo or small business life, please do get in touch.

The truth about ecommerce websites

The Lucky Biz Podcast helps small business thrive in the digital world. I chatted with Naomi + Louise about the myth that simply setting up a website will result in products selling themselves. We also chat about the challenges of knowing what to do after launching and how to find and engage with new customers. If you want to know when your website will be finished? Or whether you really can get away with ignoring email marketing? This episode is for you.

Shopify + Klaviyo tips for fashion brands

All fashion brands start out with a website, but using it effectively can be a challenge. In this episode of The Fashion Startup Show I join Michelle to share valuable tips on creating more sales online through your website and emails. We chat about why Klaviyo and Shopify are so great for startup brands, mistakes founders make with their websites and email marketing, how the two are intrinsically linked and I share tips on how to make more sales online.

The reality of running a small business

I recently joined Jemma on her podcast The Ultimate CEO which helps business owners scale by stepping outside of the norms, rewriting the rules and doing things their way. We discussed how I went from thinking freelancers were people who couldn't get jobs to realising that working for yourself can be an actual career, staying calm when there isn't consistent financial growth, the pros and cons of the freedom that comes with running a business and how to improve your self-belief.

Using email marketing successfully with Klaviyo

I was thrilled to be ask to return to Vicki Weinberg's fantastic podcastBring Your Product Idea to Life.This time I got to talk about Klaviyo and why email marketing is essential for your online shop. In this episode, I share what Klaviyo can do, why I'm such a big fan of it, and top tips to get the most out of it. We also talked about email marketing in general - why it's important, best practices, ways to nurture your list and what to do if it's far too long since you emailed anyone!

What I've learnt from women

Claire Coupland hosts the wonderful podcast What I've Learnt From Women which aims to share our stories and empower women whilst supporting them. In this episode we discuss working and running a business around children, being replaceable, how small impacts of kindness can make a big difference and how women are pretty much superheroes.

How to use email marketing in your product based business

I recently joined Sophie on her fantastic podcast, The Commerce Club. We had a great chat about email marketing, a marketing channel we both feel is neglected so often. Particularly by small product business founders due to lack of time or knowledge on how to get started with it. I give my best advice on how to set up and utilise email marketing and start using this channel to drive conversions.

How to get the most out of Shopify 2.0

Vicki Weinberg's fantastic podcast Bring Your Product Idea to Life is full of tips and advice for small product based businesses. So I was delighted to join her and share my knowledge on Shopify, and talk a little about the launch of Shopify 2.0 and the features and benefits of updating your website. We also discussed how to personalise and elevate your Shopify website with easy-to-implement advice.

How to create high converting product pages

In this episode of Sophie's fantastic podcast Growing Pains, we discuss some really practical tips for ecommerce businesses looking to improve their conversion rate and make their product pages work a lot harder for them. We also discuss the benefits of updating to Shopify 2.0 and some other clever ecommerce tips for all online businesses. Enjoy!

Turning browsers into buyers on your website

I recently joined Nicole on her podcast Start Scale Succeed to talk about improving your website to help convert more traffic into sales. We focused in on key things small business owners can do such as; building trust with your customers, offering a wonderful customer experience and to constantly be evolving and updating your website to keep it optimised.

Getting your website and email marketing ready for 2023

I was thrilled to be invited on to Catherine Erdly's fantastic podcast The Resilient Retail Game Plan. Catherine is a small business retail expert and mentor and I'm a massive fan of her advice. In this episode, we spoke about Shopify and Klaviyo and how both can be utilised to create a wonderful customer experience and some quick tips to improve your current website.

The dark art of email marketing

I had the most fun chatting with the wonderful Vanessa Carlos on her fantastic podcast, That One Thing. We mainly spoke about email marketing and how it can help you connect with you audience and how as a small business you have a better opportunity to do this over bigger brands. We also speak about motherhood, the summer holidays juggle, starting our careers in fashion and the Marvel film franchise!

Why website optimisation really matters this Q4

I was thrilled when Meg Small dropped me a message asking if I would like to come and chat on her fantastic marketing podcast, Meg Talks Marketing. I was even more thrilled when she said I was her first ever guest recording.​​​​​​​​ We spent our time discussing why you need to make sure your website is fully optimised, especially as we head towards Q4. ​​​​​​​​Specifically not forgetting how important your website is to your marketing mix, so give it some love.