Ecommerce training for Shopify + Klaviyo

Sometimes we don’t want or need to bring somebody new into our business, but we do want to learn from an expert. If you're looking to take action yourself, then my bespoke ecommerce 1:1 training would be the perfect option for you.

Ecommerce Excellence

My signature ecommerce training where we work together to update + transform your online shop. It includes :

→ An in-depth bespoke audit of your website or emails on a Miro board
→ 3 x 1 hour training video calls via Google meets
→ Recording + transcription sent for you to keep and refer back to
→ Access to any of my resources that I think will help you
→ Email support between calls and up to 4 weeks after whilst you action changes
→ 30 minute follow-up call to check on progress and answer any final questions

£1,500 or pay in 2 x £750

Ecommerce Intensive

My intensive is perfect if you're ready to make changes yourself and know you need a bit of help realising what's not working for your online shop. It Includes:

→ A video audit talking through changes to make on your website or email account
→ 1 x 90 minute training video call via Google meets
→ Recording + transcription sent for you to keep and refer back to
→ 1 week of email support for any follow up questions
→ Quick video tutorials if you get stuck implementing
→ Access to any of my resources that I think will help you

£500 or pay in 2 x £250

Ecommerce Action

It Includes:

→ 1 x 60 minute training video call via Google meets
→ Recording + transcription sent for you to keep and refer back to
→ 1 week of email support for any follow up questions


Small businesses happy with their ecommerce training
"Having put the set up of Klaviyo to the bottom of our to do list one too many times, we have recently worked with Elle using her 1-2-1 training and template design service. We can honestly say we wouldn't have gone live without her help. She was very easy to work with, making everything that we thought was too complicated seem quite easy. She has a plethora of support materials that she makes available for repeated use when you need a refresher. Best money we've spent this year by far!"
— Alison Naylor, Dilly Daydream
"It's been a joy to work with Elle from start to finish. She held our hands as we've learnt and implemented her recommendations. The fact we can access the recordings of our sessions and they are so easy to navigate with a searchable transcript means we have a really tailored bank of knowledge to refer back to in future. It has made a really mystifying and overwhelming process very straightforward and doable."
— Julia Grant, Winter's Moon
"I knew I wanted to up-level my email marketing game, but I wasn't sure where to start! Working on templates, pop-ups, lists and segments, there's a huge amount of progress both visually and strategically to my Klaviyo account. Elle is knowledgeable, friendly and a huge cheerleader for small business, my training was tailored and efficient with a lot of really valuable support between calls."
— Jordan Irwin, Jordan Lily
I reached out to Elle for some help switching to Klaviyo and with help with our Shopify store. We had a brilliant call together going over a lot of things which were such a huge help. Her knowledge of Shopify and Klaviyo, as well as ecommerce as a whole is astounding, she really is an expert in her field. I look to her a lot for guidance and love reading her emails and Instagram posts which are always brilliant. I will certainly be looking to work with her again in the future, thank you so much Elle for all you do for us non-techy business owners!"
— Chloë, Fernn Gifting Co
"I had a power hour with Elle to optimise my Klaviyo performance and we managed to get so much done! Elle is super knowledgable and managed to quickly resolve some issues (that I didn't even know about) while we were talking while also offering advice on how to improve my pop ups and email flows. It was lovely to have someone down to earth to bounce ideas around with, and who can explain quite a complex email system in simple terms to a non tech-y person like me!"
— Lucy, Olive & Pip
"Getting help from Elle was the best decision! Elle was recommended to me, I was apprehensive at first about the investment because cash flow is always an issue with a brand new tiny business but it was a wise move. Elle was really patient with our mass of questions, made it clear what we'd cover in each session and was a calming educational voice during such a scary stage of our business growth. Our website is now functioning and thanks to Elle we have the skills to manage it day in and day out ourselves."
— Meg, Pwts

How does ecommerce training actually work?

Discovery call

It's always great to chat first and make sure we're the right fit for each other. I start all my projects this way so you know who you'll be learning from and to make sure you like me

Brand questionnaire

I’ll send you over a in-depth brand questionnaire to begin with, this helps me get to know you and your brand before we start the training so we can use all the time in our sessions for learning

Training calls

On our video calls, I will screenshare and tailor the training we cover to your questions and any goals you have for your business. If you have a specific problem, let me know and we'll cover it. I’ll follow up with a fully searchable recording of our call + transcription, as well as any notes and links we've discussed for you to action anything we didn’t get to on our call

Support + aftercare

Between our calls you'll have unlimited email access to me, as well as for a short period after completing our training, for any extra questions that inevitably come up. After 2-4 weeks we'll also have a video catch up call to make sure you are on track with implementing your changes.

Want to learn more about ecommerce?

I'll guide you through your Shopify or Klaviyo challenges, with my totally personalised training sessions. You can learn how to use Shopify to create a more professional website or you might want to work on maximising your email marketing revenue.

Ecommerce Training FAQs

Do you only offer training for Shopify + Klaviyo?

Yes. These are the two platforms I am an expert on as I use them day-to-day. However, a lot of ecommerce strategy is the same no matter which platform you're using but the benefit of training with me, is I won't just tell you to add something to your website, I'll be able to take you through how to do this yourself.

Do the sessions follow a set plan?

No. I totally customise each training session to your businesses needs. If you want to talk about Shopify, Klaviyo, or a mixture of the two, I'll plan out what we cover once you have completed your questionnaire and I get a feel for what help you need. Working this way means you get help for the exact problems you are having and I can adapt as we move through the training/

How long do you recommend between calls?

I recommend weekly if possible, I wouldn't advise leaving more than 2 weeks between calls as this makes it difficult for you to implement and for me to quickly give you feedback. You may also decide you want all the sessions close together, so across 1 or 2 weeks which is fine with me too

How do you take payment?

I take payment in advance for my mini training session and 50/50 for my full package. As you are booking in my time, knowledge and having me on call to ask for help. If you want to discuss payment plans or part-payment just drop me a message as I am happy to chat.

Can you do any of the work for me?

No, these training sessions are about you learning from me and taking all my knowledge to then implement yourself. I'm here for you if you need a check in, pep-talk or for me to look over your work but if you want to outsource to me (which is fine) then we would need to discuss my done-for-you services.

What if I need more time?

That's fine, I'm now offering a short follow up call a few weeks after our last training session. If you feel at this point you need more training or support just let me know and I can work out the best way to move forward together. But just remember, you can't learn everything there is to know about Shopify or Klaviyo in just 3 hour-long sessions, but I can ensure you know what is critical for your business to move forward right now

What small businesses have you worked with?

I've worked with a huge variety of small business, from net curtains to handmade chocolate, t-shirts to notebooks. I don't have a niche and I love the variety of clients I get to work with. To read what pervious clients have to say about me click here.

When can we get started?

Typically I book around a month or two ahead of time, but I try and keep my contact page and emails up-to-date. If you have a certain deadline in mind just get in touch and we can talk more.

Some of the lovely independent brands I've worked with

Ready to book your ecommerce training?

Let's start with a quick call so I can make sure we are a good fit and help you choose the right package for your business.