Having spent over a decade working in ecommerce, with small to big brands, my superpower is showing independent businesses how to get the most out of their online shop and to maximise their ecommerce sales.

Ecommerce expert + educator

Hi, I'm Elle

I founded The Ecommerce Assistant because I want to help people build and grow their small businesses with the power of Shopify + Klaviyo to sell more online.

Working within the world of ecommerce for 12+ years and being self-employed for the past three, I’ve made it my mission to teach everything I know about ecommerce to founder-led businesses looking to thrive online.

I'm your small business cheerleader and tireless optimist when helping bring make your online shop a success.

I’m a Bedford born girl, now living on the lovely South Coast with my husband and our two daughters.

Working in and now with small and growing online businesses, I've gained a unique perspective of the overall ecommerce function. Having to learn everything myself in real time, from operations to supply chain, marketing to websites, I quickly saw that it takes all these parts working together to make a successful ecommerce business.

I have helped over 50 brands from pre-launch to over £1 million in turnover. Throughout this time I could see there was little to no trusted support for founder-led businesses other than specialist agencies, which can be expensive and usually not actually there to tell you how to build and trade a website.

This, along with smaller budgets, often leaves founders to do it themselves. And there's nothing wrong with building your Shopify store yourself, most people starting out do. However an online store is not static, but fluid, and needs to be updated and optimised constantly and it can also quickly look out of date.

Not to mention, your running a business so you've got so many other issues to deal with and often with young children around, trying to be the best Mum or Dad you can be.

It’s a lot, and honestly, overwhelming when you are trying to build something. I know that because I was overwhelmed too when I took the leap to start freelancing and building The Ecommerce Assistant as a brand.

Something like the website and email marketing, easily falls down the to do list when there are more pressing issues to deal with. And just keeping on top of the latest updates and developments is nearly impossible.

That's where I can help you.

I'm an expert in selling online, particularly using Shopify + Klaviyo, as they work in harmony to enable you to easily build a beautiful, highly-functioning, converting online store and then sell and talk to your customers and community.

making ecommerce easy

I'll be your ecommerce guide

Now with a mixture of services depending on where you are at with your business, I am able to work with more small brands to grow their ecommerce sales with them, here's the ways you can now work me:

  1. Courses + support
  2. Training + audits
  3. Projects + consultancy

If you want to start growing, get in touch to chat more

5 things you'll always get from me:

​​​​​​​​✅️ A positive person with solution-based support​​​​​​​​
✅️ A huge small biz cheerleader + shopper​​​​​​​​
✅️ A true expert in my field with 12+ years experience​​​​​​​​
✅️ A knowledge junkie obsessed with learning about DTC​​​​​​​​
✅️ A nice person to work with who feels like an extension of you​​​​​​​​

Some of the lovely independent brands I've worked with

Get to know me a little more

A total organiser

I'm a total organiser (some say control freak) and usually the one to tell everyone what we're doing when. I plan the whole year of school holidays before the year has even started and was called 'scarily organised' by my form teacher at school​​​

Photographic memory

I have a photographic memory which is super handy and helped a lot with exams at school. It does have it's downsides however as my brain can get a little overloaded at times

Loves to read

I loved reading so much when I was younger that I spent the majority of a week away in Gran Canaria inside devouring Lord of the Rings. Now I prefer a mixture of fiction and business books which inspire me, my favourites are Atomic Habits and Company of One

Absolute foodie

I'm obsessed with food! I love to cook great food and eat great food. But my ultimate fave has to be a massive dirty burger. Oh and I have to study the menu before I'm
going out for dinner!

Gut instinct gal

I'm a total gut instinct gal and always follow my intuition. As soon as I get the idea for something I have to do it right away, sometimes this is great as it means I am taking action but other times I have to stop myself and think for a while

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