Perfect your pop up 💌

Find out how to get more people on your email list.

I have a lot of conversations with small business owners that start with the question "how do I get more people on my email list?"

Let's focus on what you can control and possibly the easiest thing you can work on to see an increase in subscriber growth:

Your pop ups 🌟

Imagine 100 people come to your website each day

If you haven't got a pop up yet nobody will subscribe

If your pop up converts at 2% that's 2 people joining your list every single day

If you can increase your conversion rate to 5% that's 150% increase in sign ups

Wouldn't that be great?

Not sure how to make it work harder?

I've made something for you ✅

To get access to my perfect pop up checklist (which also includes other data acquisition tips + examples) subscribe below and it's yours forever for free

Why learn from me?

Hi, I’m Elle. I specialise in all things ecommerce for small and growing online businesses. I created The Ecommerce Assistant to help busy brand owners make more sales on their own websites by teaching them how to use Shopify + Klaviyo.

Having working with over 75+ small businesses I know there isn't the help out there that you need. I'm here to provide honest advice, answer your burning questions, and help you navigate the world of online retail.