Stop right there, before you start to drive a ton of traffic to your site in the hope of more orders, have you checked that your website is working as hard as it can to convert every session to a sale? Here are some quick tips to improve your conversion:

Is there a clear and obvious call to action on your homepage?

You want visitors to be able to quickly understand what you sell and how to dive deeper into your website. The longer you can keep them looking, browsing and reading the more likely they are to see something they want to purchase.

Is your site fast enough?

A slow website that takes an age to load will mean a higher bounce rate. People can’t be bothered to wait around anymore, they expect websites to load quickly. Check your site speed and make sure its loading in under 3 seconds, if it isn’t there are things you can do to help, like compressing images to a smaller size and deleting any old unused code.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Actually, scrap that, it should now always be mobile first. Most traffic to websites is going to be from mobiles or tablets, usually over 75% for more ecommerce stores, so you need to ensure that your website is looking its best from mobile sized screens. There is no point having a beautiful widescreen banner that then shrinks down to mobile and looks rubbish, view your website how it will look on a mobile screen and make your changes that way. 

Do you offer currency conversion?

If you have website traffic from all over the world, are you offering a currency converter so customers can easily see the cost of their order in their chosen currency.

Are your delivery charges clear?

The most common blocker to converting sessions to sales is unexpected delivery charges. Make sure you have a clear and easy to find delivery page that shows how much each delivery charges is and how long it takes. Everyone loves to receive free delivery so if you offer a free over option make sure this is clear on every page by using a headline banner or a pop up in the basket so customers know how far away they are from free delivery.

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