You may have heard of a wonderful place called the Shopify App Store. And you would be right, it is pretty great.

But if you have just built and potentially launched your online store, do you really know what apps you should be looking into adding? What will actually make a difference to user-experience and/or sales?

There are so many apps to choose from and there is likely to be multiple versions for what you are trying to achieve. So often it can be overwhelming to start searching to try and find what you are looking for.

So, I have rounded up my top 5 apps to add to your Shopify website, and some are even free!

1. Klaviyo

The top recommendation had to be Klaviyo. The ultimate email tool for ecommerce and perfect for using with Shopify. With advanced personalisation and so much data to use, you're able to get to know your customers more than ever and then create relevant, targeted email automations and campaigns to speak directly with them. 

Click here to learn more about Klaviyo and pricing or take a look at my online course which shows you how to set up Klaviyo yourself.


Want to start collecting customer reviews, what app should I use for that?

No competition for this one, it has to be is the best review app available and even has a free plan which you can start off with.

It is so easy to install and configure with your Shopify theme, so that it looks 100% part of your design. The review widgets are customisable so you can decide on colours, language and location of the widget itself.

You can also now integrate with Klaviyo to send your automated review request emails and learn more about your customers. 

It is just such a great app that I recommend to all my clients, ideally before they even launch. But if you are adding it at a later date, you can allow the app to backdate the review email to orders from a certain date range.

Click here to view the app and pricing.

4. Tidio

If you are keen to up your customer service game then look no further than the Tidio app for your Shopify store. Although Tidio looks like just a live chat app, it actually uniquely merges live chat, bots, and marketing automation in one simple app.

Tidio live chat can be easily installed and customised and means you can be responding to customer queries in real-time, meaning they no longer have to wait around for hours whilst you catch up with emails or listen to endless hold music on the phone.

And even if you cannot be available on live chat 24/7, you can set up chat bots to automate the most often queries for you.

Click here to view the Tidio app and pricing.

4. Instafeed

You used to be able to add your Instagram feed to your Shopify store without the need for an app, but since Instagram stopped the API feed, if you want to have it on there now (or if you never got round to updating it) you will need to add an app. There are loads out there to choose from but I find the free Instafeed app one of the best.

It’s easy to install and configure and can help bring that social proof to your homepage and product pages.

Click here to view the Instafeed app and pricing.

5. iCart

With more online shopping sites using the drawer cart, rather than a static cart page, up-selling on the cart page is no longer really an option and it is something that you could look to the iCart app to help you with.

iCart actually does more than just up-sell, it is your all-in-one app for cart customisation & optimisation. It features a simple drag-and-drop editor meaning you can easily edit your drawer cart to fit your requirements.

Adding up-sells in the cart, can really help to boost your average order value and this is one of the best apps out there to help you do that.

Click here to view the iCart app and pricing.

Of course there are a lot more than these 5 to choose from and I do have a rather long list of recommended apps, so if you would like to hear about any more apps or want to pick my brain on what would work for your Shopify store, just get in touch.

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