Without customers, you have no business.

Make it your aim to delight them with everything you do.

Being an independent business has its advantages, you can make sure you are adding personal touches to make your customers smile when they receive their order.

So, here’s my 3 top tips that you should be doing with every order to make your customers happy and also maybe make your life a little easier:

Send a thank you card in the order

Don’t you just love it when you get a lovely postcard or hand written note within your order from a small biz? Amazon can’t do it, but you can! You could use this opportunity to tell your customer more about you and the packaging you use or offer them a discount on their next order or maybe a refer a friend code. Or you could just say thanks and let them know how much their order means to you!

Send an automated thank you email

Not everyone reads the postcard in their parcel, we are often in such a rush to open and find our goodies inside that these cards can get missed or just thrown out. So make sure you are doing your thank you message electronically too! Send an email by creating an automation in your email provider, it can just be a thank you for shopping small or it could also include any relevant information they may need post-purchase such as, how to’s, customer service details or returns procedures.

Use systems that help you work faster and more time-efficient

Are you using apps on Shopify like Order Printer to print packing notes? Click & Drop from Royal Mail to integrate all your channels to one shipping platform? Or maybe you are ready to start using a WMS (warehouse management system) to take things to next level and streamline even more processes. Whatever stage of business you are at, there are apps and tools you can use to make order processing and operations easier. 

I hope you found this helpful, let me know in the comments if there are any other things you do when you get an order to go above-and-beyond for your customers, or make your life easier.

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